A Cock Crowed (Maupassant)

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A Cock Crowed
Summary of the Short Story
Microsummary: A baron, desperate to win a woman's love, kills a wild boar to impress her. After a day of hunting and flirting, they share a passionate moment, but she ultimately rejects him.

Madame Berthe d'Avancelles had resisted the advances of her admirer, Baron Joseph de Croissard, despite his constant pursuit and lavish parties in her honor.

Baron Joseph de Croissard — wealthy, determined admirer; strong build, fair moustache; passionate, persistent.

Her husband, Monsieur d'Avancelles, was oblivious to the affair, as he was physically weak and lived separately from his wife.

Monsieur d'Avancelles — Madame d'Avancelles' husband; stout, bald, short in stature; weak, oblivious.

Madame d'Avancelles was a tall, dark, and determined woman, who seemed to be attracted to the Baron's strong build and fair moustache.

Madame Berthe d'Avancelles — tall, dark, and determined young woman; audacious, flirtatious, and unfaithful.

One evening, Madame d'Avancelles promised the Baron a reward if he killed a wild boar during a hunt.

Baron, if you kill the brute, I shall have something for you.

The Baron organized the hunt and managed to kill the boar in front of her. That night, they shared a passionate kiss under the moonlight, and she invited him to follow her to her room.

Let him who loves me follow me!

An hour later, the Baron crept into her room and found her waiting by the window. She told him to wait for her in bed, and he eagerly complied.

However, the Baron fell into a deep sleep due to his exhaustion from the hunt. He was awakened by the crowing of a cock in the morning, and found himself in bed with Madame d'Avancelles. Confused and disoriented, he asked her what was happening. She coldly replied that it was just a cock crowing and had nothing to do with him, implying that their passionate encounter the night before meant nothing to her.