A Strange Story (Henry)

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A Strange Story
Summary of the Short Story
Microsummary: A man went to get medicine for his daughter's colic but never returned. Years later, his granddaughter suffered the same ailment, and he reappeared as an old man with the medicine.

In a northern part of Austin, there lived an honest family named Smothers, which consisted of John Smothers, his wife, their five-year-old daughter, and her grandparents. One night, the little girl suffered from a severe colic, prompting John to rush downtown to get some medicine. However, he never returned.

John Smothers — father and later grandfather; disappeared for years before returning as an old man with white hair.

The little girl eventually recovered and grew up to be a woman. Her mother, who had grieved over her husband's disappearance, remarried after three months and moved to San Antonio.

The mother grieved very much over her husband’s disappearance, and it was nearly three months before she married again, and moved to San Antonio.

The little girl also got married and had a daughter of her own, who they named Pansy. They continued to live in the same house where her father had disappeared.

On the anniversary of John Smothers' disappearance, Pansy fell ill with cramp colic. Her father, John Smith, wanted to go downtown to get medicine, but his wife feared that he might also disappear and never return.

John Smith — husband of John Smothers' daughter; caring and concerned for his own daughter's health.

No, no, dear John, cried his wife. You, too, might disappear forever, and then forget to come back.

As they sat by Pansy's bedside, an old man with long white hair entered the room. Pansy immediately recognized him as her grandfather.

The old man gave Pansy a spoonful of medicine from a bottle he had brought with him, and she recovered instantly. John Smothers explained that he had been late because he had been waiting for a streetcar.