Cherchez La Femme (Henry)

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Cherchez La Femme
Summary of the Short Story
from the Collection «Roads of Destiny»
Microsummary: Two reporters investigated the disappearance of a woman's money, suspecting a religious goldsmith, but found it hidden as wallpaper in her own home.

Two reporters, Robbins and Dumars, were discussing a mysterious case that had occurred two years prior, involving the disappearance of twenty thousand dollars entrusted to a man named Gaspard Morin by Madame Tibault.

Robbins — reporter for the Picayune; curious, investigative, and daring.
Dumars — reporter for L'Abeille; Creole, laid-back, and a believer in 'cherchez la femme'.
Gaspard Morin — deceased goldsmith and jeweler; religious, charitable, and falsely accused of stealing.
Madame Tibault — owner of a café; lost her money; friendly, hospitable, and trusting.

Morin, a respected goldsmith and jeweler, had died suddenly, and the money was never found. The reporters had conducted a thorough investigation at the time, but were unable to find any clues as to the whereabouts of the money or any evidence of wrongdoing on Morin's part.

One day, while reminiscing about the case, Robbins and Dumars decided to attend an auction at the chapel of the Little Sisters of Samaria, a religious order that Morin had been particularly fond of. They purchased a golden statue of the Virgin Mary, which they believed might contain the missing money. However, upon further examination, they discovered that the statue was made of lead and merely coated in gold.

Shut up, Judas! It’s too late for you to be saved now.

Later, while visiting Madame Tibault's café, Robbins noticed that the walls were decorated with what appeared to be United States gold bonds. Upon closer inspection, he realized that these bonds were, in fact, the missing twenty thousand dollars. Morin had left the bonds with Madame Tibault, but she had misunderstood their value and used them as decorations.

H’what you say, M’sieur Robbin? Bon! Ah! those nize li’l peezes papier!

The mystery was finally solved, and Madame Tibault was overjoyed to have her fortune returned to her.