Endnotes (Maupassant)

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Summary of the Poem
Microsummary: A collection of poetic quotes and excerpts from various literary works, showcasing themes of love, nature, beauty, and the passage of time.

A group of people shared their experiences and thoughts on various topics, including love, relationships, and life. They discussed the secrets of the cruel waves and the mournful voices that could be heard when approaching the shore at night. They also talked about the joy of being ravished and the breathless, hot moments that followed.

They pondered on the nature of caresses and the impossible union of souls through the body.

Caresses are merely restless transports, The vain efforts of poor Love to attempt The impossible union of souls through the body.

They recalled the taste of kisses first snatched through the veil and the sleep of Voltaire, whose hideous smile flitted over his fleshless skull in mockery. They also remembered looking in the air and the poet who saw no magic in the earth or sky unless a woman was nearby.

I hate the poet who with tearful eye Murmurs some name while gazing tow’rds a star, Who sees no magic in the earth or sky Unless Lizette or Ninon be not far.

The group discussed the beauty of youth and the solitude and poverty that came with age. They questioned the whereabouts of the Roman beauty, Flora, and other beautiful women from history. They also talked about the fickleness of women and the trust that fools placed in them.

They shared their thoughts on love and how it fluttered in the heart like a bird in a cage. They also discussed the Lord of Albion, whose praises were sung in the salon, and the pity they felt for him if he loved talent, beauty, music, wit, and art. They warned against the intrusion of pastors into the lives of travelers and the importance of respecting their privacy.

The group also talked about Ruth, a Moabite who crouched at the feet of Boaz with a bare breast, hoping for an unknown ray of light to reward her quest. They discussed the beauty of birds and the joy of picking wild strawberries. They recalled a princess who baptized a child with water in a hurry, without the presence of a priest or beadle.

They marveled at the wealth of two million and the allure of a divine woman. They also warned against the companionship of those whose hearts were uncertain. They discussed the beauty of eyes that entranced like a painting and the Arab dish that was served. Finally, they talked about the blue letter-cards used as telegrams and sent through special tubes.