Extradited from Bohemia (Henry)

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Extradited from Bohemia
Summary of the Short Story
from the Collection «The Voice of the City»
Microsummary: A young artist left her rural home to study art in New York, where she experienced a taste of Bohemia and believed she was lost forever, only to be brought back by her fiancé.

Miss Medora Martin, a young woman from the village of Harmony, moved to New York City to study art under the guidance of Professor Angelini. Despite her talent, she struggled to find success in the city and became disheartened. One day, Mr. Binkley, a fellow boarder at her lodging house, invited her to dinner at a popular Bohemian café. Medora was captivated by the lively atmosphere and felt a sense of belonging in the artistic community.

Medora Martin — young artist from a small village; naïve, romantic, and impressionable.
Mr. Binkley — middle-aged fish-stall owner; pretends to be a Bohemian; flashy, insincere.

However, upon returning to her room, Medora was overcome with guilt for indulging in the hedonistic lifestyle of Bohemia. She wrote a letter to her former lover, Beriah Hoskins, telling him to forget her as she had become lost in the world of Bohemia.

I am lost forever in the fair but brutal maze of awful Bohemia.

Medora resolved to embrace her new life and modeled herself after famous femme fatales, believing she could never return to her simple life in Harmony.

Days later, Beriah unexpectedly arrived at Medora's room, having received her letter. He dismissed her dramatic claims of being lost in Bohemia and insisted that she return home with him.

Beriah Hoskins — Medora's fiancé; practical, caring, and determined.

Medora reluctantly agreed, and they boarded a train back to Harmony. On the journey, she questioned why Beriah had come for her despite her letter, and he revealed that he knew she couldn't have run away to Bohemia since her letter was postmarked from New York City.