Fathers and Sons (Hemingway)

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Fathers and Sons
Summary of the Short Story
Microsummary: A man reminisces about his father and his own childhood experiences with hunting and a Native American girl while driving through the countryside with his son.

Nicholas Adams drove through a small town with his son, reminiscing about his own father and the memories they shared. He remembered his father's incredible eyesight and their hunting trips together.

His father saw as a big-horn ram or as an eagle sees, literally.

Nicholas was grateful for the love of fishing and shooting that his father had instilled in him. However, he also recalled the unsound advice his father had given him about sex and relationships.

Nicholas Adams — narrator; a man in his late thirties; reflective, grateful for his father's teachings on hunting and fishing.
Nick's Father — deceased; great hunter and fisherman; had extraordinary eyesight; sentimental, cruel, and abused.

As a boy, Nicholas spent time with a Native American family, the Gilbys, and formed a close bond with their daughter, Trudy. They shared intimate moments together, and he felt a deep connection with her. He also remembered a time when he contemplated killing his father but ultimately decided against it.

Trudy — Native American girl from Nick's childhood; adventurous, affectionate, and protective of her brother.

Nicholas' son asked about his grandfather, who had been a great hunter and fisherman. The boy expressed a desire to visit his grandfather's tomb and suggested that the family should all be buried in a convenient location so they could visit each other's graves.

Nick's Son — young boy; curious about his family history and eager to learn about hunting.

Nicholas agreed that they should make arrangements for this in the future.