From the Cabby's Seat (Henry)

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From the Cabby's Seat
Summary of the Short Story
from the Collection «The Four Million»
Microsummary: A cab driver, drunk from a wedding, took his wife on a ride without realizing her identity. They visited a casino, and later, he demanded payment, only to remember she was his spouse.

Jerry O'Donovan, a cab driver known for his single-mindedness, attended a wedding one evening. He got drunk at the celebration and later took a fare, a young woman named Norah Walsh. Unbeknownst to him at the time, Norah was actually his wife, whom he had married earlier that evening.

Jerry O'Donovan — cab driver; middle-aged; high hat, battered nose, green coat with brass buttons; single-minded, focused on his job, gets drunk at a wedding.

As they set off on their ride, Norah requested to go anywhere Jerry pleased, so he suggested a trip around the park.

"Anywhere you please," came up the answer, musical and contented.

As they drove through the streets, Jerry's drunkenness began to affect his driving, but his horse, well-fed with oats, managed to keep them on course. They eventually arrived at the park, where Jerry asked Norah if she would like to stop at the Casino. She agreed, and they parked the cab outside the establishment.

Norah Walsh O'Donovan — Jerry's wife; plain-looking, dressed in pink silk foulard; enjoys the simple pleasures of life, contented, and appreciative of her experiences.

Norah entered the Casino and was immediately captivated by the music, lights, and colors. She sat at a table, ordered a glass of beer, and observed the people around her, many of whom were dressed in fine clothing and jewelry. As the night wore on, the crowd began to thin, and the music eventually stopped. Norah decided it was time to leave and returned to the cab.

On their way home, Jerry realized that Norah did not have enough money to pay for the ride. In a fit of anger, he took her to the police station, intending to report her for not paying the fare. However, as he began to explain the situation to the sergeant on duty, Jerry suddenly remembered that Norah was his wife.

The Sergeant — police officer; gray-moustached; familiar with Jerry; keen observer.

He introduced her to the sergeant, and they left the station together.

As they climbed back into the cab, Norah sighed and remarked on what a nice time she had had at the Casino.

"I've had such a nice time, Jerry," said she.

Despite the confusion and Jerry's drunkenness, the night had been an enjoyable experience for her.