Heart of the West (Henry)

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Heart of the West
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Summary of the Collection of Short Stories
Microsummary: A collection of short stories set in the American West, exploring themes of love, adventure, and irony through the lives of cowboys, outlaws, and everyday people, often with unexpected twists and poignant endings.

Hearts and Crosses

Hearts and Crosses (Henry)

A ranch foreman married a cattle queen, but felt overshadowed by her authority and left to regain his manhood; he later returned after proving himself in a distant ranch.

The Ransom of Mack

The Ransom of Mack (Henry)

Two friends settled in a small town to enjoy their wealth, but one fell for a young woman and planned to marry her. The other intervened, saving his friend from an ill-advised marriage.

Telemachus, Friend

Telemachus, Friend (Henry)

Two inseparable friends competed for the affection of a widow, agreeing to court her fairly and openly, but their friendship was tested when one of them won her heart and married her.

The Handbook of Hymen

The Handbook of Hymen (Henry)

Two prospectors, trapped in a cabin during a snowstorm, find solace in reading books, leading to a competition for the affection of a widow, ultimately resulting in a humorous misunderstanding and marriage.

The Pimienta Pancakes

The Pimienta Pancakes (Henry)

A cowboy was tricked by a sheep man into believing he was only interested in a pancake recipe, while he secretly courted and married the woman the cowboy loved.

Seats of the Haughty

Seats of the Haughty (Henry)

Hygeia at the Solito

Hygeia at the Solito (Henry)

An Afternoon Miracle

An Afternoon Miracle (Henry)

A ranger with a secret fear of danger overcomes his cowardice when he saves a woman from a threatening man, and in the process, they both discover their true selves.

The Higher Abdication

The Higher Abdication (Henry)

Cupid à la Carte

Cupid à la Carte (Henry)

The Caballero's Way

The Caballero's Way (Henry)

The Sphinx Apple

The Sphinx Apple (Henry)

The Missing Chord

The Missing Chord (Henry)

A man recounted how his wife's father bought her a piano-playing machine instead of a real piano, and she pretended to play it to spare his feelings before he passed away.

A Call Loan

A Call Loan (Henry)

A wealthy cattleman and bank president helped his friend avoid resorting to train robbery to repay a loan, ultimately discovering that the friend's brother had already returned with the money.

The Princess and the Puma

The Princess and the Puma (Henry)

A man tried to impress a rancher's daughter by pretending to save her from a supposedly tame Mexican lion, which she had already shot, turning a potentially embarrassing situation into a romantic encounter.

The Indian Summer of Dry Valley Johnson

The Indian Summer of Dry Valley Johnson (Henry)

A middle-aged sheepman tried to recapture his youth by courting a young woman, but after realizing the absurdity of his actions, he returned to his true self and found love unexpectedly.

Christmas by Injunction

Christmas by Injunction (Henry)

A man tried to bring Christmas joy to a mining town by organizing a Christmas tree and gifts for children, but the town lacked any kids. He eventually found one boy and took him home for Christmas.

A Chaparral Prince

A Chaparral Prince (Henry)

An overworked young girl, longing for her family, writes a letter threatening to drown herself. A gang of outlaws intercepts the letter, and their leader, touched by her plight, secretly returns her home.

The Reformation of Calliope

The Reformation of Calliope (Henry)

A notorious troublemaker in a small town faced off against the city marshal, but when the troublemaker's mother arrived, he pretended to be the marshal to protect her from the truth.