On Behalf of the Management (Henry)

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On Behalf of the Management
Summary of the Short Story
Microsummary: A man manager named Denver Galloway is offered a job as a campaign manager for General Rompiro in a South American country. Despite his efforts, Denver later finds out that the election had already taken place and the opposing candidate had won.

Sully Magoon tells the story of Denver Galloway, a born manager who has worked in various industries throughout his life.

Denver Galloway — man manager; ambitious, confident, resourceful.

Denver is offered a job as the campaign manager for General Rompiro, a candidate for president in a South American country.

General Rompiro — exiled popular idol; generous, hopeful, enthusiastic.

Denver and Sully travel to the country and set up headquarters in the town of Espiritu. Denver uses his skills as a manager to organize campaign events, distribute money to his lieutenants, and buy votes.

‘Why, the presidential election, of course,’ says Denver.

However, on the night before the election, they learn that the election had already taken place a week before they arrived, and General Rompiro had lost. Denver and Sully return to New York, where Denver manages to break the news to the General gently.

‘Am I elect?’ he shouts. ‘Am I elect, friend of mine? Is that mine country have demand General Rompiro for the president? The last dollar of mine have I sent you that last time. It is necessario that I am elect. I have not more money. Am I elect, Señor Galloway?’

Denver then surprises Sully by showing him that he has made General Rompiro the head waiter at the Hotel Brunswick.

Sully Magoon — narrator; friend of Denver Galloway; observant, humorous.

‘Did I?’ says Denver. ‘Come and see.’ He takes me by the arm and walks me to the dining-room door. There was a little chocolate-brown fat man in a dress suit, with his face shining with joy as he swelled himself and skipped about the floor. Danged if Denver hadn’t made General Rompiro head waiter of the Hotel Brunswick!”

Denver later marries an auburn-haired widow who owns a hotel in Harlem.