Schools and Schools (Henry)

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Schools and Schools
Summary of the Short Story
Microsummary: A wealthy man takes in his late brother's daughter and plans for her to marry his adopted son. However, complications arise when the daughter falls in love with the son's friend.

Jerome Warren, a wealthy broker, lived in a luxurious house with his adopted son, Gilbert, and his step-niece, Barbara.

Jerome Warren — wealthy downtown broker; kind-hearted, generous.
Gilbert — successful painter and Jerome's adopted son; charming, artistic.
Barbara Ross — step-niece of Jerome; in love with Gilbert; jealous, determined.

Gilbert was an aspiring painter, and it was expected that he and Barbara would eventually marry. However, complications arose when Jerome received a letter from his long-lost brother, Dick, who was dying and had sent his 19-year-old daughter, Nevada, to live with Jerome.

Nevada Warren — adopted daughter of Jerome's late brother; independent, unsophisticated.

Nevada was a strong, independent young woman who quickly became close with Gilbert and Barbara. As time went on, a love triangle formed between the three, with Barbara becoming increasingly jealous of Nevada's relationship with Gilbert. One day, Nevada received a letter from Gilbert, which Barbara read first. The letter asked Nevada to come to Gilbert's studio at midnight. Barbara, curious and jealous, encouraged Nevada to go.

"I calculate they'd assay about nine cents to the thousand tons, but I promised him to bring them along."

Nevada went to Gilbert's studio, where he proposed to her, and she accepted. They were married that night, with Gilbert's friends Jack and Agnes as witnesses. On their way home, Gilbert revealed to Nevada that the letter she had received was actually about a flower, not a midnight rendezvous. The entire situation had been a misunderstanding, but the two were happy to be married nonetheless.