Sexy (Lahiri)

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Summary of the Short Story
Microsummary: A woman had an affair with a married man whose wife was out of town. Their relationship eventually cooled off after she cared for a boy who revealed deeper meanings of their affair.

Miranda, a young woman working at a public radio station, found herself in a secret affair with Dev, a married Indian man.

Miranda — narrator; single woman in her twenties who is involved with a married man; long legs, dark hair, pale skin, and silver eyes; imaginative, lonely.
Dev — Miranda's lover; married, Indian man who is running an affair while his wife is out of town; tanned skin, black hair; confident, assertive.

He would visit Miranda's apartment every Sunday, leaving early in the morning to receive a call from his wife who was visiting family in India. The relationship was passionate and their time together was cherished by Miranda.

"You're sexy," he whispered back.

Meanwhile, her co-worker, Laxmi, was dealing with the fallout of her cousin's husband having an affair with a younger woman he met on a plane to Montreal. Laxmi occasionally asked Miranda to babysit her cousin's 7-year-old son Rohin. During one such occasion, Rohin provoked Miranda to question her relationship with Dev. Rohin, who was going through his parents' divorce due to infidelity, commented on Miranda's attractiveness, calling her sexy. The naive definition he gave to the word - loving someone you don’t know, made Miranda reconsider her relationship with Dev.

"He sat next to someone he didn't know, someone sexy, and now he loves her instead of my mother."

Soon, her brief encounters with Dev were over. Miranda realized that her relationship with Dev was not fair to her or his wife. Nevertheless, she missed Dev. However, due to unpredictable circumstances their meetings stopped abruptly. The end of the affair did not leave Miranda heartbroken but rather gifted her with a fresh understanding of relationships. She started spending her Sundays alone, reflecting on her life and her choices.