Suite Homes and Their Romance (Henry)

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Suite Homes and Their Romance
Summary of the Short Story
Microsummary: A husband suspected his wife of secretly spending his money and discovered she was indulging in ice cream at a hidden parlor, leading to a police raid and the couple's reconciliation.

A young couple, Mr. and Mrs. Claude Turpin, began their married life in a luxurious apartment in the Big City. They lived an extravagant lifestyle, dining out every night and making many friends. However, Turpin began to suspect that his wife was spending too much money and confronted her about it.

Claude Turpin — husband; suspicious of his wife's spending habits; caring, determined.

She denied any wrongdoing, and Turpin's suspicions were temporarily allayed.

One day, Turpin received an anonymous letter warning him that his wife was secretly spending his money at a mysterious location. He decided to investigate and enlisted the help of the local police captain. They discovered a hidden room behind a wall of racing sheets, where they found a group of elegantly dressed women, including Turpin's wife, indulging in ice cream.

Vivien Turpin — wife; secretly indulging in ice cream; remorseful, loving.

The police captain scolded the women for wasting their husbands' money and sent them home. Turpin's wife tearfully apologized for her actions, promising never to touch ice cream again.

Darling, she murmured, half sobbingly, as the moonlight drifted through the open window, glorifying her sweet, upturned face, I know I done wrong.

He forgave her, but mentioned that he had bet a month's salary on a horse race, and if the ice cream hunch proved to be a good one, she would be in his good graces again.