The Badge of Policeman O’Roon (Henry)

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The Badge of Policeman O’Roon
Summary of the Short Story
from the Collection «The Trimmed Lamp»
Microsummary: A wealthy man impersonated his friend, a mounted policeman, to save his honor, and during his duty, he heroically stopped a runaway carriage carrying a beautiful woman and her father.

During a war, a group of soldiers called the Gentle Riders fought together, forming strong bonds. Among them were Ellsworth Remsen, a wealthy man from a prestigious family, and a young man named O'Roon.

Ellsworth Remsen — wealthy man; kind-hearted, loyal to his friend, skilled horse rider.
O'Roon — mounted policeman; well set up, affable, cool, former soldier.

After the war, Remsen returned to his luxurious life, while O'Roon struggled to find work. Remsen helped O'Roon get a job as a mounted policeman in Central Park. One day, at Remsen's club, O'Roon asked for his help in finding a job.

I’d like to be one of those bobbies on horseback. That would be about the ticket. Besides, it’s the only thing I could do.

Later, at a reunion of the Gentle Riders, O'Roon became too drunk to perform his duties as a policeman. Remsen, who resembled O'Roon, decided to impersonate him and take his place on duty to protect his friend's job.

While on duty, Remsen encountered the woman he had fallen in love with, who was in a runaway carriage. He managed to stop the carriage and save her life. The woman and her father, an important person wearing a distinctive cap, thanked Remsen and asked for his name. Remsen hesitated, realizing that if he revealed his true identity, O'Roon would be exposed and lose his job. Instead, he claimed to be O'Roon and said it was his duty as a policeman to help.

We policemen are paid to do these things. It’s our duty.

Later, Remsen visited O'Roon and expressed his frustration with the situation. O'Roon revealed that he was actually the son of the Earl of Ardsley and had left his family due to a disagreement. He also mentioned that his sister, Lady Angela, wanted to meet Remsen.

Lady Angela — O'Roon's sister; beautiful, elegant, with violet eyes.

It turned out that the woman Remsen had saved was O'Roon's sister, and she was interested in getting to know him better. O'Roon told Remsen that his sister, Lady Angela, wanted to see him after learning about his heroic act.