The Call of the Tame (Henry)

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The Call of the Tame
Summary of the Short Story
Microsummary: A man from the West visited his old friend in New York City, criticizing his friend's adaptation to city life and longing for their past adventures together.

Greenbrier Nye, a cowboy from Pin Feather, Arizona, found himself separated from his fellow Rough Riders in the bustling streets of New York City. As he tried to make sense of the chaos, he spotted an old friend, Longhorn Merritt, who had left the West eight years prior. Greenbrier was disappointed to see that Longhorn had fully embraced city life, dressing in the latest fashions and speaking like a true New Yorker.

Greenbrier Nye — visitor from the West; nostalgic, critical of city life, prefers whiskey straight.
Longhorn Merritt — Greenbrier's old friend; adapted to city life, enjoys finer things, finds New York comfortable.

The two friends caught up over lunch, with Greenbrier lamenting Longhorn's transformation and longing for the days when they rode together on the range.

You are a concentrated, effete, unconditional, short-sleeved, gotch-eared Miss Sally Walker.

Longhorn defended his new life, claiming that New York was comfortable and offered a better quality of living than their cowboy days.

I’ve been living in New York seven years. It’s been eight since we punched cows together.

Despite his protests, Greenbrier couldn't help but notice that Longhorn seemed to miss the excitement and camaraderie of their past.

That evening, the two dined at a fancy restaurant, where Greenbrier continued to criticize Longhorn's new lifestyle, particularly his choice of fancy drinks over whiskey. As they enjoyed their meal, Greenbrier observed the other patrons and began to see the appeal of city life. He even found himself attracted to a woman in a red speckled silk dress, comparing her to a beautiful white mustang he had once seen on the range.

By the end of the night, Greenbrier had a change of heart and ordered two more cocktails, signaling his acceptance of Longhorn's new life. As they shared a final drink, Greenbrier admitted that he might consider selling his ranch and moving to the city if he could find a buyer.