The Enchanted Kiss (Henry)

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The Enchanted Kiss
Summary of the Short Story
Microsummary: A timid and dreamy young man named Samuel Tansey embarks on a series of fantastical adventures in his imagination, all while silently adoring Miss Katie Peek. After a night of strange encounters, he finally musters the courage to rescue Katie from a perilous situation and shares a long-awaited kiss with her.

Samuel Tansey, a timid and shy clerk, is infatuated with Miss Peek but is too afraid to express his feelings. One night, after being teased by his friends about his relationship with Miss Peek, Tansey decides to take a walk. He ends up in a strange part of town and encounters bizarre and fantastical events.

Samuel Tansey — sallow youth of twenty-three; timid, dreamy, and infatuated with Miss Katie Peek.

He sees a wall with a convent behind it and hears singing. He also sees pigeons, glowing green eyes, and a dancing nymph. Tansey then comes across a street where he witnesses a fight between Captain Peek and a dwarf.

Captain Peek — Katie's father; genteel loafer and spendthrift; antagonist.

He saves Katie, Miss Peek's daughter, from being taken away in a carriage.

Miss Katie Peek — boarder at Mrs. Peek's; object of Tansey's adoration; muslin-clad angel.

“Sam! Sam! — help me, Sam!”

However, he is then attacked and loses consciousness. When he wakes up, he finds himself back at the steps near the convent. He goes home and is scolded by Miss Peek for coming home late.

Mrs. Peek — Katie's mother; keeper of the boarding house; fat, vigilant, and kind.

They have a brief interaction, but Tansey's attempt to light a lamp fails, and he is left to ascend the stairs to his doom.