The Landscape Garden (Poe)

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The Landscape Garden
Summary of the Short Story
Microsummary: A wealthy man with a passion for landscape gardening devoted his life to creating a magnificent garden, seeking happiness through the pursuit of beauty, the love of his wife, and the contempt of ambition.

A young man named Ellison was known for his remarkable qualities and the continuous profusion of good fortune that seemed to follow him throughout his life.

Mr. Ellison — wealthy, passionate about landscape gardening; imaginative, content, and happy.

He believed that happiness could be achieved by following four simple principles: free exercise in the open air, love of a woman, contempt of ambition, and the pursuit of a spiritual object. Ellison was also a great admirer of music and poetry, and he believed that the creation of novel forms of beauty was the true purpose of the poetic sentiment.

The proper gratification of the sentiment he instinctively felt to lie in the creation of novel forms of Beauty.

Upon inheriting an enormous fortune, Ellison decided to devote his wealth to the creation of a landscape garden that would embody his vision of beauty and harmony. He believed that by combining elements of nature in a way that inspired a sense of care and superintendence by higher intelligences, he could create a landscape that would evoke a feeling of spiritual connection.

Ellison dedicated his time and resources to the realization of this vision, working closely with his devoted wife to bring their shared dream to life. Through their efforts, they created a landscape that was both magnificent and harmonious, reflecting the beauty of nature while also suggesting the presence of a higher power.

In the most rugged of wildernesses—in the most savage of the scenes of pure Nature—there is apparent the art of a Creator.

In doing so, they found a sense of purpose and happiness that surpassed their wildest dreams.