The Revenge (Maupassant)

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The Revenge
Summary of the Play
Microsummary: A divorced man unexpectedly encountered his ex-wife and tried to convince her to become his lover as compensation for her infidelity during their marriage.

M. de Garelle, a divorced man, found himself at Cannes, reminiscing about his past marriage and wondering if his ex-wife had been unfaithful to him. He spotted her in the hotel and decided to approach her, despite their tumultuous past. They engaged in a conversation, during which M. de Garelle accused his ex-wife of having been unfaithful to him during their marriage.

M. de Garelle — ex-husband; jealous, manipulative, and vengeful.
Mme. de Chantever — ex-wife; charming, seductive, and unfaithful.

She initially denied it, but eventually admitted to having deceived him.

You have just confessed that, thanks to you, I was one of those ridiculous creatures, always regarded as laughingstocks whatever they do—comic if they keep their mouths shut, and more grotesque still if they show their resentment—that people call deceived husbands.

M. de Garelle then suggested that she should make amends for her past infidelity by becoming his lover. She refused, but when her current husband, M. de Chantever, called out for her, she agreed to meet M. de Garelle later that evening. M. de Garelle was pleased with this arrangement, as he found his ex-wife more charming than ever, especially now that she was married to another man.