The Shocks of Doom (Henry)

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The Shocks of Doom
Summary of the Short Story
from the Collection «The Voice of the City»
Microsummary: A disinherited man spent a night in a park with a vagrant who feared he would die before inheriting a fortune the next day, only to find out the inheritance was withdrawn.

Vallance, a young man who had recently lost his fortune due to his uncle's disinheritance, found himself sitting on a park bench with no money or place to go. He met Ide, a fellow park dweller who was also down on his luck.

Vallance — narrator; disinherited man; calm, adaptable, and empathetic.
Ide — vagrant; anxious, fearful, and passionate about money.

Ide revealed that he was the long-lost nephew of a millionaire and was set to inherit a fortune the next day. However, Ide was terrified that something would happen to him before he could claim his inheritance.

I'm afraid something will happen to me before morning. I don't know what — something to keep me from coming into that money.

Vallance decided to stay with Ide for the night to help calm his nerves. They spent the night in the park, with Vallance listening to Ide's fears and trying to reassure him that nothing would happen. The next day, they went to the lawyer's office to claim Ide's inheritance. However, the lawyer informed Ide that his uncle had changed his mind and decided not to give him the money after all.

Surprisingly, Ide's fear and anxiety disappeared upon hearing the news. He confidently told the lawyer to relay his message to his uncle and walked out of the office with a newfound sense of purpose.

Tell old Paulding he may go to the devil.

The lawyer then turned to Vallance and informed him that his own uncle had reconsidered his decision and wanted Vallance to return home and reclaim his inheritance. Overwhelmed by the sudden turn of events, Vallance fainted in the lawyer's office.