Tobin's Palm (Henry)

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Tobin's Palm
Summary of the Short Story
from the Collection «The Four Million»
Microsummary: Two friends visited a palmist who predicted trouble, financial loss, and good luck from a man with a crooked nose. The predictions came true, leading to a lost sweetheart's reunion.

Tobin and his friend Jawn Malone went to Coney Island to distract Tobin from his missing sweetheart, Katie Mahorner.

Daniel Tobin — narrator's superstitious friend; searching for his lost sweetheart Katie; red-eyed, strong, short-tempered; believer in signs and predictions.
Jawn Malone — narrator; Tobin's loyal friend; skeptical about palmistry; supports Tobin in his search for good luck; practical and level-headed.
Katie Mahorner — Tobin's missing sweetheart from County Sligo; works as a kitchen girl; recently arrived in America; good at making coffee.

She had left County Sligo three months prior with her own savings and money from the sale of Tobin's inherited estate, but had not been heard from since. Tobin was a superstitious man, believing in signs and predictions, so they decided to visit a palmist named Madame Zozo.

Madame Zozo read Tobin's palm and predicted trouble from a dark man and a light woman, a financial loss, and good luck from a man with a crooked nose. As they continued their day, the predictions seemed to come true. Tobin encountered a black man who caused trouble and a blonde woman who indirectly led to the loss of his hat. He also lost a dollar sixty-five, fulfilling the financial loss prediction.

Determined to find the man with the crooked nose who would bring good luck, Tobin and Jawn met Max G. Friedenhausman, a writer with a notably crooked nose.

Max G. Friedenhausman — man with a crooked nose; writer; source of Tobin's good luck; enjoys discussing idiosyncrasies; hospitable and appreciative of company.

Max invited them to his home for food and drinks, where he mentioned his new kitchen girl, Katie Mahorner. Tobin realized that his fortune had come true, as he had finally found his lost sweetheart.

Throughout the story, Jawn remained a loyal friend to Tobin, supporting him in his search for good luck and helping him navigate the various predicaments they encountered. Despite his skepticism about palmistry, Jawn's friendship and assistance played a crucial role in Tobin's eventual reunion with Katie.