Tracked to Doom (Henry)

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Tracked to Doom
Summary of the Short Story
Microsummary: A notorious criminal murdered his wife in a cellar, and a famous detective tried to solve the case, leading to a series of disguises, deceptions, and unexpected twists.

In the bustling city of Paris, a notorious criminal known as the Gray Wolf was feared by all. One night, in a dimly lit cellar, the Gray Wolf brutally murdered his wife, Marie Cusheau, in front of a crowd of horrified onlookers.

Carnaignole Cusheau (Gray Wolf) — notorious criminal; ferocious-looking, with long, tangled gray hair; violent and desperate.
Marie Cusheau — Gray Wolf's wife; beautiful, but with cold feet and a penchant for eating onions.

Sacrè Bleu, Mille Tonnerre, by George, hisses the Gray Wolf. Monsieur Couteau, you are bold indeed to speak to me thus.

Among them was Tictocq, a famous French detective, who began investigating the case.

Tictocq — famous French detective; cunning, observant, and persistent.

Meanwhile, at a lavish reception hosted by the Duchess Valerie du Bellairs, a young singer named Armande de Fleury was poisoned by the Duchess just before she was about to perform. The motive behind this murder remained unclear.

Tictocq continued his investigation, even scaling the steeple of the Cathedral of Notadam to gather clues. There, he encountered the Gray Wolf, who confessed to the murder of Marie Cusheau.

Mon Dieu! It is as I feared—human blood.

The Gray Wolf later discovered a fortune in gold and transformed himself into a wealthy count.

When Tictocq and his team of officers finally confronted the Gray Wolf, the cunning criminal presented a document that claimed Marie Cusheau had died of heart failure. Tictocq, realizing he had been outsmarted, dismissed the officers and left the scene. In a shocking twist, both the Gray Wolf and Tictocq were revealed to be wearing disguises, and their true identities remained a mystery. The murderer of Marie Cusheau was never discovered.