Vengeance (Bunin)

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Summary of the Short Story
Microsummary: A woman, abandoned by her lover, seeks revenge but finds solace and understanding in the company of a painter who followed her out of curiosity.

A man staying at a pension in Cannes became intrigued by a mysterious woman who kept to herself.

The Narrator — painter; curious, observant, and empathetic.

He followed her one day to a secluded beach where she swam naked. When confronted, she revealed her story.

I’m coming out now. Turn away for a minute and then come here. You’ve got me interested as well.

She had fallen in love with a man she met in Monte Carlo. They lived a lavish lifestyle until their money ran out. The man started disappearing and returning with small amounts of money, eventually selling her jewelry. One day, he left her at a casino and never returned, leaving her to pay the bill with only a few francs in her purse.

The Woman — Russian woman; strong, gloomy, and vengeful.

She was humiliated and sought revenge.

I’m no Medusa, I’m simply a woman, and, what’s more, a very sensitive, lonely, unhappy one.

The man comforted her, suggesting they enjoy their time in Cannes and return to Paris together. She agreed, and they formed a bond over their shared experiences.