The Four Million (Henry)

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The Four Million
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Summary of the Collection of Short Stories
Microsummary: A collection of short stories set in early 1900s New York City, exploring themes of love, sacrifice, and irony through the lives of everyday people, often with unexpected twists and poignant endings.

Tobin's Palm

Tobin's Palm (Henry)

Two friends visited a palmist who predicted trouble, financial loss, and good luck from a man with a crooked nose. The predictions came true, leading to a lost sweetheart's reunion.

The Gift of the Magi

The Gift of the Magi (Henry)

A young couple sold their most prized possessions to buy each other Christmas gifts, only to discover their sacrifices made the gifts unusable, highlighting their love and devotion.

A Cosmopolite in a Café

A Cosmopolite in a Café (Henry)

In a crowded café, a man claimed to be a cosmopolite with no attachment to any specific place. However, when his hometown was insulted, he fiercely defended it, revealing his true loyalties.

Between Rounds

Between Rounds (Henry)

In a city boarding house, a couple constantly argued. When the owner's son went missing, the couple shared a tender moment, imagining their own child lost. The boy was found, and life resumed.

The Skylight Room

The Skylight Room (Henry)

A young woman rented a small, dark room with a skylight and named a star she could see through it. Struggling to find work, she became weak from starvation until a doctor saved her life.

A Service of Love

A Service of Love (Henry)

A young couple, both aspiring artists, secretly took jobs at the same laundry to support their artistic pursuits, eventually realizing their love for each other was more important than their art.

The Coming-Out of Maggie

The Coming-Out of Maggie (Henry)

A plain young woman brought a charming man, pretending to be Irish, to a dance. The club leader confronted him, a fight ensued, and the woman's deception was revealed, ending peacefully.

Man About Town

Man About Town (Henry)

A curious man embarked on a quest to understand the elusive "Man About Town" character. After seeking answers from various people, he unknowingly became the very character he sought to comprehend.

The Cop and the Anthem

The Cop and the Anthem (Henry)

A homeless man sought winter shelter in jail by attempting various petty crimes but failed repeatedly. Moved by church music, he resolved to change his life, only to be arrested moments later.

An Adjustment of Nature

An Adjustment of Nature (Henry)

Three friends tried to save a beloved waitress from a wealthy miner's advances by getting him drunk and sending him away. Years later, one friend married the waitress, preserving nature's balance.

Memoirs of a Yellow Dog

Memoirs of a Yellow Dog (Henry)

An unhappy dog and his henpecked owner left their unsatisfying lives in a city flat behind. The dog led the owner to a bar, where they bonded and decided to embark on a new adventure together.

The Love-Philtre of Ikey Schoenstein

The Love-Philtre of Ikey Schoenstein (Henry)

A pharmacist, in love with a woman, tried to sabotage her elopement with his rival by giving him a sleeping powder. However, the rival used it on the woman's father, ensuring a successful elopement.

Mammon and the Archer

Mammon and the Archer (Henry)

A wealthy father used his money to create a street blockade, giving his son the opportunity to confess his love to a high-society girl during an extended cab ride, leading to their engagement.

Springtime à la Carte

Springtime à la Carte (Henry)

A typist and a farmer fell in love and planned to marry in spring. They lost contact, but the farmer found her through a menu card she typed, which unintentionally included a message to him.

The Green Door

The Green Door (Henry)

A young adventurer followed a mysterious clue to a green door, where he found a starving girl. He helped her by providing food and company, believing fate had brought them together.

From the Cabby's Seat

From the Cabby's Seat (Henry)

A cab driver, drunk from a wedding, took his wife on a ride without realizing her identity. They visited a casino, and later, he demanded payment, only to remember she was his spouse.

An Unfinished Story

An Unfinished Story (Henry)

A young department store worker, struggling to make ends meet, was asked out by a manipulative man. She initially agreed but changed her mind, inspired by her hero's picture on her dresser.

The Caliph, Cupid and the Clock

The Caliph, Cupid and the Clock (Henry)

A wealthy man disguised as a beggar helped a young man reconcile with his fiancée by offering him advice and support. The young man later discovered the truth about the beggar's identity.

Sisters of the Golden Circle

Sisters of the Golden Circle (Henry)

A newlywed couple on a sightseeing tour in a big city encountered another pair of newlyweds. The wife helped the other couple by creating a distraction, showcasing the unique bond between brides.

The Romance of a Busy Broker

The Romance of a Busy Broker (Henry)

A busy broker, overwhelmed by work, impulsively proposed to his stenographer during a brief lull in the office chaos, only to be reminded that they had already married the previous evening.

After Twenty Years

After Twenty Years (Henry)

Two childhood friends agreed to meet after 20 years. One became successful in the West, while the other became a patrolman. At their reunion, the patrolman arrested his friend for a crime.

Lost on Dress Parade

Lost on Dress Parade (Henry)

A young architect saved money for luxurious evenings and met a girl who appeared to be working-class. He pretended to be wealthy, but she valued ambition and purpose over idleness.

By Courier

By Courier (Henry)

A young lady, upset over a perceived betrayal, sat in a park. A young man sent a boy to deliver a message, explaining his innocence. After reading a letter, she realized her mistake and reconciled.

The Furnished Room

The Furnished Room (Henry)

A desperate man searched for a missing girl and rented a room where he sensed her presence. Unaware she had died there a week earlier, he committed suicide in the same room.

The Brief Début of Tildy

The Brief Début of Tildy (Henry)

In a restaurant, two waitresses, one beautiful and the other plain, worked together. The plain waitress experienced a brief moment of attention from a customer, only to be heartbroken by his apology.