The Voice of the City (short story collection, Henry)

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The Voice of the City
Summary of the Collection of Short Stories
Microsummary: A collection of short stories set in early 1900s New York City, exploring themes of love, sacrifice, and irony through the lives of everyday people, often with unexpected twists and poignant endings.

The Voice of the City

The Voice of the City (Henry)

A man searched for the voice of the city, asking various people for their opinions, but ultimately found the answer in the silent connection he shared with a woman he loved.

The Complete Life of John Hopkins

The Complete Life of John Hopkins (Henry)

A man got into a fight with a cigar store owner, was rescued by a chauffeur, and was asked by a lady to confront a man who insulted her, only to be thrown out.

A Lickpenny Lover

A Lickpenny Lover (Henry)

A wealthy man fell in love with a beautiful shopgirl and proposed marriage, offering her a life of luxury and travel, but she rejected him, thinking his promises were too good to be true.

Dougherty's Eye-Opener

Dougherty's Eye-Opener (Henry)

A man took his wife out for a rare dinner, where she charmed everyone with her wit and beauty, making him realize he had neglected her for years and prompting him to change his ways.

Little Speck in Garnered Fruit

Little Speck in Garnered Fruit (Henry)

A newlywed bride asked her husband, a champion welter-weight, for a peach, and he went on a challenging quest to find one in the city during winter, ultimately succeeding.

The Harbinger

The Harbinger (Henry)

A lazy man tried various tactics to get a dollar from his hardworking wife, eventually resorting to fake affection, which surprisingly worked, but not in the way he expected.

While the Auto Waits

While the Auto Waits (Henry)

A wealthy girl, tired of her luxurious life, befriends a young man in a park, pretending to be a cashier in a restaurant, only to reveal her true identity at the end.

A Comedy in Rubber

A Comedy in Rubber (Henry)

Two people obsessed with watching accidents and unusual events fall in love, but their habit causes them to miss their own wedding as they join the crowd of onlookers outside the church.

One Thousand Dollars

One Thousand Dollars (Henry)

A young man was left a thousand dollars by his late uncle and had to account for its expenditure, but after spending it wisely, he forfeited a larger inheritance to protect the woman he loved.

The Defeat of the City

The Defeat of the City (Henry)

A successful city lawyer returned to his rural roots with his high-society wife, rediscovering his true self and reconnecting with his family, while his wife surprisingly embraced the simpler life.

The Shocks of Doom

The Shocks of Doom (Henry)

A disinherited man spent a night in a park with a vagrant who feared he would die before inheriting a fortune the next day, only to find out the inheritance was withdrawn.

The Plutonian Fire

The Plutonian Fire (Henry)

A struggling writer discovered that he could only create a successful love story after experiencing love and heartbreak, but ultimately chose to abandon his writing career for a simpler life.

Nemesis and the Candy Man

Nemesis and the Candy Man (Henry)

A beautiful woman tried to charm a candy man, who initially resisted her advances, but eventually fell for her. Meanwhile, she received news of her true love's departure, leaving her heartbroken.

Squaring the Circle

Squaring the Circle (Henry)

Two men from feuding families in the mountains unexpectedly met in a big city, where the overwhelming urban environment led them to reconcile and shake hands.

Roses, Ruses and Romance

Roses, Ruses and Romance (Henry)

A poet, believing romance is dead, discovers a beautiful woman in a neighboring garden and thinks she's sending him romantic messages through flowers, only to find out she's engaged to his friend.

The City of Dreadful Night

The City of Dreadful Night (Henry)

During a heatwave, residents of an apartment building were forced to sleep in a park, leading to discomfort, confusion, and unexpected connections among the diverse group of tenants.

The Easter of the Soul

The Easter of the Soul (Henry)

A man experienced an unusual feeling of restlessness and dissatisfaction, which he eventually realized was the arrival of spring, leading him to propose to his love interest.

The Fool-Killer

The Fool-Killer (Henry)

A man, envious of his artist friend's love for a factory girl, encounters the mythical Fool-Killer, who threatens his friend's life. He tries to save his friend by convincing the Fool-Killer to spare him.

Transients in Arcadia

Transients in Arcadia (Henry)

Two people pretended to be wealthy guests at a luxurious hotel to enjoy a week-long vacation, only to discover they were both working-class individuals seeking a temporary escape from their mundane lives.

The Rathskeller and the Rose

The Rathskeller and the Rose (Henry)

An actor disguised as a countryman from a small town visited a famous actress to convince her of his suitability for a role in her upcoming play, but she unexpectedly decided to return to her hometown.

The Clarion Call

The Clarion Call (Henry)

A detective encountered an old friend who was a murderer and couldn't arrest him due to a debt; however, the criminal's arrogance led to his capture after taunting a newspaper.

Extradited from Bohemia

Extradited from Bohemia (Henry)

A young artist left her rural home to study art in New York, where she experienced a taste of Bohemia and believed she was lost forever, only to be brought back by her fiancé.

A Philistine in Bohemia

A Philistine in Bohemia (Henry)

A young woman, suspicious of her suitor's intentions, feared he was a foreign nobleman trying to avoid paying rent, but discovered he was a respected chef and happily agreed to marry him.

From Each According to His Ability

From Each According to His Ability (Henry)

A bored clubman befriends a well-dressed burglar, helps him improve his style, and introduces him to his friends, leading to a change in the clubman's life and a successful marriage proposal.

The Memento

The Memento (Henry)

A former actress found happiness in a small village and fell in love with a preacher, but discovered a memento from her past that shattered her new life, leading her back to the stage.