Roads of Destiny (short story collection, Henry)

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Roads of Destiny
Summary of the Collection of Short Stories
Microsummary: A collection of short stories exploring themes of fate, love, irony, and adventure through the lives of diverse characters, often with unexpected twists and poignant endings.

Roads of Destiny

Roads of Destiny (Henry)

The Guardian of the Accolade

The Guardian of the Accolade (Henry)

An old servant prevented his employer from making a terrible mistake by confronting him at a train station, reminding him of his family's honor and the promises he made to his late wife.

The Discounters of Money

The Discounters of Money (Henry)

A millionaire's belief in the power of money was challenged when his marriage proposal was rejected and his offer to help a young eloping couple was declined, leading him to reconsider money's true value.

The Enchanted Profile

The Enchanted Profile (Henry)

A wealthy woman took a hotel typist under her wing, lavishing her with expensive clothes and a luxurious lifestyle, only to revert to her miserly ways, causing the typist to return to her old job.

Next to Reading Matter

Next to Reading Matter (Henry)

Art and the Bronco

Art and the Bronco (Henry)


Phoebe (Henry)

A Double-dyed Deceiver

A Double-dyed Deceiver (Henry)

A young outlaw, known as the Llano Kid, fled to South America after a deadly altercation and assumed the identity of a wealthy family's long-lost son, ultimately choosing to maintain the deception to protect the family's happiness.

The Passing of Black Eagle

The Passing of Black Eagle (Henry)

A notorious bandit leader was replaced by a seemingly fearsome newcomer, who ultimately abandoned the gang during a train robbery attempt, revealing his true cowardly nature.

A Retrieved Reformation

A Retrieved Reformation (Henry)

A skilled safecracker turned his life around, opened a shoe store, and fell in love with a banker's daughter, but when a child was accidentally locked in a vault, he risked his new life to save her.

Cherchez La Femme

Cherchez La Femme (Henry)

Two reporters investigated the disappearance of a woman's money, suspecting a religious goldsmith, but found it hidden as wallpaper in her own home.

Friends in San Rosario

Friends in San Rosario (Henry)

The Fourth in Salvador

The Fourth in Salvador (Henry)

An American man in Salvador, facing financial ruin, celebrated the Fourth of July with fellow expatriates, inadvertently aiding a local revolution and ultimately saving his business.

The Emancipation of Billy

The Emancipation of Billy (Henry)

A talented lawyer lived in the shadow of his father, a former governor, and declined a prestigious appointment to stay with his aging father, finding happiness in his hometown.

The Enchanted Kiss

The Enchanted Kiss (Henry)

A Departmental Case

A Departmental Case (Henry)

A woman sought help from a government official, who happened to be her father's old friend, to escape her abusive husband and regain her lost property. The official took matters into his own hands.

The Renaissance at Charleroi

The Renaissance at Charleroi (Henry)

On Behalf of the Management

On Behalf of the Management (Henry)

Whistling Dick's Christmas Stocking

Whistling Dick's Christmas Stocking (Henry)

The Halberdier of the Little Rheinschloss

The Halberdier of the Little Rheinschloss (Henry)

A young man took a job as a halberdier in a restaurant to win a bet with his girlfriend's father, proving he could work for three months without being fired.

Two Renegades

Two Renegades (Henry)

A man sentenced to death in a foreign country relied on the help of a doctor who claimed allegiance to the long-defunct Confederate States of America, ultimately securing his release through bribery.

The Lonesome Road

The Lonesome Road (Henry)

Two old friends reunited, one married and the other single, spent an afternoon playing checkers and reminiscing, only to be interrupted by a dangerous gang, forcing them to fight their way out.